What is implant?

An implant is artificial, usually titanic, imitation of a root of a tooth. After the engraftment it will hold the imitation of artificial crown. First the doctor investigates the bone site, where the tooth implantation is planned and being convinced, that there is enough of bone tissue, starts the implant installation operation. Using local anesthesia he prepares the place in bone tissue for implant installation, and implant is installed in beforehand prepared bed. Than the implant is completed with titanic cap, which prevents the dental deposit from coming into the hollow implant. Than, in 3-6 months (if the implantation is staged), the doctor being convinced, that the implant has engrafted, performs its prosthetics. He unscrews the caps of the implant. Then the gingival shaper is placed, which purpose is clear, namely: to generate the contour of mucous membrane which will be the optimum for full implant functioning, the gingival shaping takes from 1 up to 3 weeks. After that the implant is connected to an abutment which is the basis for artificial crown. The finished crown is also fixed to the abutment with the help of the screw. Full tooth root imitation is ready for use.


1) At the first stage there is a preparation of bone bed, which diameter corresponds to the diameter of the implant.
2) The implant is introduced in the made bed.
3) The implant is closed with a cap.
4) After the implant engraftment, the gingival shaper is installed.
5) The suprastructure is placed (abutment), which is fixed to the implant with the help of the screw.
6) Installation of permanent crown.
7) The permanent crown is fixed to the abutment with the help of screw or with the help of cement.

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