Oct. 26 webinar will focus on exceeding patients' expectations

Oct. 26 webinar will focus on exceeding patients' expectations


Some dentists find certain non-clinical aspects of dentistry less rewarding than delivering actual patient care. Given the choice, they might prefer performing even the most basic procedures instead of completing paperwork, booking appointments and collecting payments. 
Yet, those basic activities are critical elements in ensuring that each patient has a positive experience every time he or she visits your practice. 

Through an upcoming webinar, Is Your Practice Exceeding Patient Expectations? How to Manage Patients for Success, participants can gain a better understanding of each person's role in providing patients with memorable care.

"It's important for every member of the practice team to recognize that they have an effect on each patient's experience," said Dr. Terry G. O'Toole, chair of the ADA Council on Dental Practice. "Every contact has the potential to be special, and every interaction can demonstrate the practice's commitment to delivering exceptional service to every patient, every time."
The webinar, sponsored by the ADA Council on Dental Practice, is scheduled for Oct. 26 from noon to 1 p.m. Central Daylight Time. Participants will earn one hour of continuing education for the program. 
Topics covered in the program include recognizing how proper patient management procedures can make the practice a happier place for patients and for the dentist and the team; implementing techniques and protocols to enhance patient care; and motivating everyone on the team to improve patient management and enhance the patient experience.
Register for the webinar here.
This program is the second in a series of webinars based on different modules of the ADA's Guidelines for Practice Success, a series of practice management resources available free online to members at ADA.org/gps
The webinar will be presented by Dr. William van Dyk, who practices general dentistry in San Pablo, CA, and teaches in the department of Dental Practice at the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry. Dr. van Dyk has lectured on practice management issues since 1985. He served on the ADA Council on Dental Practice and was instrumental in the development of the ADA Success Seminar Series that has been giving dental students real life information on the business of dental practice for more than 30 years.
Additional online resources available through the Guidelines for Practice Success series include modules on Managing Marketing, Managing the Dental Team, Managing the Regulatory Environment and Managing Finances. Each resource is available free online to members by searching ADA.org/GPS, and print editions may be ordered through the ADA Catalog.

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